Monday, 31 May 2010

Our trip to two local art galleries

As a follow on from some of the children's developing interest in visual arts, Irene and I took Libby, Eneri and Ruby to visit some of our local art galleries in Ahuriri. After a quick stop off at Irene's house for some hot chocolate and pikelets for morning tea (and a sneak peak at James' and Irene's own art collection), we drove down to Ahuriri. The children took a clipboard each with plenty of paper and bucket full of pencils and felts to get creative. In each of the galleries the children drew inspiration from very different pieces of art, and began to get a wider understanding of visual arts as more than just painting. We had a fantastic morning and the children came back to KIDSPACE with a collection of their own masterpieces.


Friday, 28 May 2010

May 2010 Newsletter

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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Pasta makers

Today the children learnt how to make delicious home made pasta by combining flour, eggs and a little salt together. The children then learnt how to use a pasta machine to make animal shaped pasta.
Using the pasta machine again the children had a turn a making yummy fettucine. Tonight coming home with your child is freshly home made pasta creations is a yummy pasta sauce recipe.
Enjoy, Ann.

Trumpet and Kazoo players

Matt visited KIDSPACE with his two trumpets on Wednesday, as part of May New Zealand Music Month. He had an old beaten up brass trumpet and a newer silver trumpet. We listened to him play then made kazoos- musical instrutments that produce a buzzing sound when the player hums into it. We made ours from combs and baking paper. Together we hummed the theme to the 'Muppets' and 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star'. This was lots of fun just from a comb!
"Children develop an expectation that music... can amuse, delight, comfort, illuminate, inform an excite", Communication, Te Whaariki.
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Mmm making a banana cake

After our trip to the fruit shop to buy bananas, we made a yummy banana cake! Max held the leading hand during this activity, because he was the main helper to choose the bananas and pay the lady the money. The next day, I had organised a recipe and gathered the ingredients for the cake. Max, Acacia, Maia, Ruby and Caelyn washed their hands and joined me at the outside table. They all took responsibility for a particular ingredient. Max took charge of mashing the banana and mixing it in. Maia wanted to crack the two eggs. We all took a turn to stir the mixture and practised our turn taking skills, patience and communication skills. This group of children were very aware of the process of cooking and following recipes. We all enjoyed eating the cake, along with the chocolate icing and sprinkles, for morning tea the next morning.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Balloon balls on loan

A BIG thanks to Netana, and his mum Kath who works for Volleyball Hawke's Bay for kindly loaning us these balloon balls. We have had a great time throwing, rolling, kicking, bashing, batting, pushing and sitting on these balls inside over the last few wet rainy days.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Budget Blues!

It was announced in last weeks budget that early childhood centres with 80 - 100% registered teachers would have their Ministry of Education funding cut by about 6% from 1st February 2011. Added to this cut in funding, will be the increased GST we will have to pay on what funding and fees we do receive.

It seems crazy that quality centres like KIDSPACE who have invested heavily in attracting qualified staff are now being penalised for doing the right thing.

We are waiting on more specific information to be released from the Ministry of Education. As a member of the Early Childhood Council, we will be looking at their advice to members before making any decisions that affect staff or families.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Giant's Breakfast song video

Here is a video of the children doing the actions to the Giant's Breakfast song. I'm sure you've probably heard them singing along to this song at home.


Looking in the mirror

Last week I could hear a wee girl squealing and laughing. I soon found out who that wee girl was. It was Teihana! She was standing in front of the mirror talking, laughing and squealing at the different facial expressions she could see herself make. It was quite lovely to watch the joy on Teihana's face as she took a real interest in the mirror. Teihana is learning about science and reflection, if I move my face like this what will happen? If I laugh like this what will I look like?

It's fantastic to see you so confident in exploring your environment Teihana, and you are becoming increasingly confident at KIDSPACE.

The giant woke from his giant bed

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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Our afternoon outing!

On Monday Ann and I took Oly, Max, Maia, Acacia, Theo, Charlotteand Mania for a walk to the fruit shop and to ANIMALZ. We visited the fruit shop first to buy bananas to make a banana cake! Max helped me count the money out and pay the lady at the counter. He received our change and listened carefully as she counted it back.

We practiced and empahsied the appropriate road rules with children. We stopped and looked both ways at the intersections. The children listened well and waited for the 'green flashing man' on the lights.

Mania and Acacia really enjoyed looking at the huge fish tanks at ANIMALZ! They watched as the fish swam around and Mania noticed the big yellow fish and called out to show her other friends.

We also stopped in at the park on the way back to KIDSPACE for some afternoon tea and a run around. Charlotte had so much fun running around on the grass and leaves! We had a game of 'Duck, Duck, Goose'. The children were listening, participating, using their bodies to run and move, and simply enjoying the fresh air and nature! The children got invlvoed in 'the big running race' where they extended all parts of the bodies physically, a great exercise and active movement!


Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Duck Duck Goose

After school, Bridie arrives at KIDSPACE to help the teachers out by doing the odd job or two.
Lately, the children have been asking that she play games outside with them, the most recent being Duck Duck Goose, which is a firm favourite at present.
The children love the thrill of being chased around the circle and return to their spot without being tagged, and it is a great game for some physical activity.
The children are developing responsive and reciprocal skills, such as turn-taking and offering, as well as increasing control over their bodies, including development of locomotor skills, non-locomotor skills, manipulative skills and increasing agility, co-ordination, and balance.
In relation to the New Zealand School curriculum, the children's learning through this experience links to the learning areas of Health and Physical Education as well as English.


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Hawks visit to KIDSPACE


I just wanted to say thank you very much for the lovely poster you made about the Hawks visiting. I am so pleased to see that Seth arranged a visit for you all. It looks like you had a great time, a coloured copy of the poster was given to Seth. Thank you for thinking of us!

Please feel free to email or call if I can support you throughout the year.

Kind regards

Char Savage
Development Officer - Early Childhood
Sport Hawke's Bay

NZ Music month, Matt from Horusset

Wow at real drum kit set up on our deck.
For NZ Music month we had Matt from Horusset and his drum kit in. He played great beats with one arm (his second arm was in a cast).
This is what our budding drummers enjoyed best...
"I liked the noise of the drum, I had two turns", said Maia.
"(I) sat on the stool, (I) used the drum", added Oly.
Eneri commented, "I liked looking at the drum, the letters (of band name) and the cymbals, I didn't want to turn".
Kian shared, "I liked the cymbals, I liked the drum stick (it was) really loud".
"The drums sticks, drumming it and the banging noise", Caelyn enjoyed best.
Sarah shared, "I liked the cymbals".
Max said, "I did the drum and banged it, I remember the pillow goes under it and then I banged it".
Lastly Charlie commented, "I banged the drum, I carried a part of the drum inside (from Irene's car)".

Bubber play

This is our Bubber, it feels like Pascall Eskimo lollies and is often mistaken for play dough. It is made in Sweden and offers great texture, manipulation and investigation experiences with hands, eyes and for language also.
Mania, Alana, Netana, Acacia and Caelyn all have a go, expressing their ideas, exploraing and gaining confidence in the control and use of their bodies.
"Children develop the knowledge that playing with ideas and materials, with no objective in mind, can be enjoyable, creative and a valid approach to learning", Exploration, Te Whaariki.

NZ Music month at Room 13 Onekawa School

Room 13 at Onekawa School invited a small group of us to watch their ukelele practice on Friday. They also had two recorder players aswell. Noah, Sarah, Taneesha, Kian, Maia, Paige, Rochelle and Jessie walked to Onekawa School, passing Isaac's Nanny Beth on road patrol and once inside Room 13 we sat on school chairs. Joanne our cleaner was there too, this is one of her twin daughter's class rooms.
We listened to two songs played by ukelele then one recorder song. After two more ukelele songs Room 13's teacher Jenny Sargenson said these ukelele players had last week perfromed in front of their school assembly and had just looked at Gin Wigmore's new song on You Tube that morning to practice next.
Our small group of children took in the class room, musicians and Sarah said, 'I like the red ukelele'. On our walk back Maia said, 'I liked the one with the stickers'.
"Children develop awareness of connections between events and experiences within and beyond the early childhood education setting", Belonging, Te Whaariki.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Autumn leaf fight

It is a little hard to see in the photos but these are the children that were involved in the leaf fight.

Libby,Netana,Kian, Jack, Ruby, Charlie, Eneri and Mania

Autumn leaf fight

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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Isaac's 5th Birthday Party

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On Wednesday 12th of May we had Isaac's 5th birthday party! All the whanau came along to celebrate and join in on the farewells. Nanny Beth made a yummy big chocolate cake with lollies around it, which the children (and teachers) loved. Isaac proudly wore his graduation gown and cap and was awarded the graduating certificate, with honours! Isaac had his best mates Charlie, Eneri and Theo beside him, all having a fun time, all the very best for your next adventure to school Isaac and come back and visit us anytime. Ainslee

Farewell Taylah

Last Thursday 6th May, Taylah celebrated her 5th Birthday at KIDSPACE with her whaanau and friends. Taylah also graduated, proudly wearing our gown and cap, and receiving a graduation certificate, passing with honours. Thankyou Natasha and Lucki for providing a tasty and healthy morning tea which was enjoyed by all. Take a look at these lovely photos of Taylah and her whanau proud moment, and last day at KIDSPACE before moving on to her next adventure starting school.



As part of our bi-cultural learning the KIDSPACE teachers are sharing their mihi at staff meetings. Last month it was Irene's turn:

Tena koutou e hoa ma, Nga mihi o te wa ki a koutou, Nga mihi mahana, nga mihi nui ki a koutou
I whanau ahau ki Waiharakeke
Ko Ahuriri toku kainga noho inaianei
Ko Kawekas toku Maunga
Ko Gerald Woodhead toku papa, Ko Valda Stretch taku mama, kati inaianei
Ko Irene McAllister toku ingoa
No reira tene ra tatou katoa

Greetings my friends, Greetings of this time to you, Warm greetings, big greetings
My family comes from Blenhiem, Now Napier is my home
The Kawekas are my mountain
Gerald Woodhead is my father, Valda Stretch is my mother, both deceased now
My name is Irene McAllister
Therefore, greetings to you all

Visit from the vision and hearing nurse

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On Friday the 7th May, we had a visit from the vision and hearing nurse from the District Health Board. She was testing 3-year-old children for hearing and 4-year-old children for both hearing and vision. Netana, Acaica, Jorja, Theo and Oly joined me in the quiet art room and met Leigh who was doing the testing. The children are learning about keeping their bodies safe by being a part of small tests that check two very important senses. I stayed with the children to make sure they were comfortable; they all enjoyed meeting a new person, and participating in the tests. Leigh made it like a game for them, so they were at ease. I took some photos of the children and they were excited to look at them afterwards on the camera. The children looked at the different machines and equipment and questioned things when needed, to understand the process better.

Children develop an awareness of the connections between experiences within and beyond the early childhood setting; and gain knowledge of the wider world and the role of other adults" (Te Whariki)

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Cardboard robot

This is our cardboard robot. Eneri thought the robot should be a 'he' and it should be named Robot.
Jess and Maia built his upper body and put together Robot's limbs and head.
Robot had lots of creators, planners, designers and constructors to build him. Blessing, Eneri, Noah, Maia, Taneesha and Sarah spent a lot of time adding glue and glitter to Robot's head and paint and glitter to his torso, arms and legs.

"The (Early Childhood )programme encourages co-operative play by providing activities that are more fun and work better when done cooperatively", Contribution, Te Whaariki.

Robot's creators were working in the areas of Social Sciences, Technology, and Mathematics and Statistics principles which are all learning areas from the New Zealand (Primary) Curriculum.



Tune- I'd Love to Teach the World to Sing.

We are the kids of KIDSPACE
We love to laugh and play
We are the kids of KIDSPACE
We have fun throughout the day

Ko maatou ngaa tamariki
o Te Matauranga, e
Ki te mau Te aroha, me te Takaro
Ko matou ngaa tamariki, o Te Matauranga e
Ki te mau Te Aroha, i ngaa wa katoa.

Composed by Monica, and Paul Blake

Healthy Heart Award porridge

Towards our Healthy Heart Award registration as part of food prepared and provided here, last week on a cold morning Jess made porridge for morning tea. Eneri, Oly, Kian, Netana, Marley (in for sister Taylah's last day), Keita, Paige and Noah all dug in. The porridge was warm and served with milk, cream and raisins of choice. Irene's Scottish husband James even popped in and ate two whole bowls! Lots of childen had second and third helpings.
Porridge is hearty and filling, sustaining full tummies well until lunch time.
"Children develop knowledge about how to keep themselves healthy", Well-Being, Te Whaariki.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Kicking off New Zealand Music Month

As part of New Zealand music month we have invited different musicians to KIDSPACE to share their various talents with the children. Today, Jess' husband Paul brought in his guitar and harmonica and played for the children out in our sunny garden. To begin with Paul played some tunes by Neil Young and Bob Dylan. I doubt these were recognisable to the children but they still had them clapping and clicking along. After this Paul got into some "real music", with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Happy Last Day, and Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes becoming the hits of the day. Paul had the children all up dancing and moving around. This was a great experience for the children and a perfect opportunity to support New Zealand Music Month by getting a taste of some fantastic live Kiwi music! A big thank you to Paul for taking the time to come and share his passion with all of us at KIDSPACE!


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

HAWKS basketball players visit KIDSPACE

This afternoon we had two HAWKS basketball players in. They bought a bag of basketballs and a few tricks. We showed them our flags, paintings and our great basketball ability. A few of our older school aged friends and sibling popped in too.
FREE vouchers in pockets for Wednesday's children to this Friday 7th May nights game- BAY HAWKS v's Nelson Giants at Pettigrew.Green Arena. Vouchers need to be redeemed by 4pm on Friday 7th May for a ticket. One child per voucher.
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