Thursday, 27 January 2011

Dress up interest

Giving the dress up area a good tidy up and bringing out dress ups that have been put away in the cupboard for a while has sparked children's interest in dressing up. As you can tell from the photos the children are really enjoying their dress up play.
Ann, January

Healthy Heart Award

We had a surprise visit today from Char at Sports Hawkes Bay.
It was with pleasure from Hawkes Bay PHO (Primary Health Organisation) and Sport Hawke's Bay in partnership with the Infinity Foundation to present KIDSPACE with two bags full of sports equipment. This is in recognition of KIDSPACE's hard work and efforts in achieving the Healthy Heart Award, through promoting healthy eating and activity within KIDSPACE.

As you can see in the photos, the children love our sports equipment. Thanks Char!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A trip in to town...

On the 5th of January we had just a small group of children at KIDSPACE, so Ainslee, Kerry and Rochelle took Shaydn, Lyrique, Jaz, Aimee, Mollie, Jorja and Akasha for a trip into town! We packed morning tea and headed down to the bus stop. Our first stop was the Napier Library were we enjoyed our morning tea under a shady tree, waiting excitedly for the Council Chambers to open. Just before 10.30 we made our way up stairs and lifts, ready to watch Zappo the Magician!! We found a good spot, in amongst other children, parents and families. Zappo had lots of funny things to show and tell. He had a parrot puppet and told stories. Zappo invited some children one at a time up the front to play little tricks on them as well. His last trick was to cover a rabbit hutch with 'magic blankets' and after he said a spell, and pulled the covers off, there was a little fluffy rabbit! Shaydn, Jorja, Lyrique and Mollie were so intrigued and interested and were watching and listening all the way through. Jaz, Aimee and Akasha (the younger children), sat very well, and enjoyed being in the atmosphere of things and watching different people interact.

After the show had finished, we headed over to the Marine Parade playground, where we had our lunch from our lunchboxes and a big drink of water. We had a big play on the playground afterwards as well! Slides, tunnels, swings, ladders kept the children energised and happy! After we packed up from the park, it was nearly time to head back to the bus stop. But not until we had stopped for an ice cream at Lick-it!. The children chose their flavours and we sat outside in the sun eating ice creams before heading back on the bus.

Children develop interest and pleasure in discovering an unfamiliar wider world where the people, images, objects, languages, sounds, smells and tastes are different from those at home (Belonging, Te Whariki).


Visit from the Westwood's

On the 17th of January, we had a suprise visit from the Westwood's. Sophie and Isabell used to come to KIDSPACE. They moved to Auckland 6 months ago. They now have a new addition to the family, and it was lovely to meet Madeleine. Sophie enjoyed seeing her old teachers and soome familiar children like Paige and Noah. And meet new children like Ruby, Lyrique and Jorja. When Sophie attended KIDSPACE, she loved to dress up and wear pretty dresses. She was straight back in the dress up area, trying on all the dresses! Thanks for visiting :) It was nice to see you all.


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

It's Fun to be a Helper

For several days last week there was a big interest in making paper wristband 'watches'. Shaydn led the way making his Ben10 watch which led to a discussion about whether girls could wear Ben10 watches. Libby decided that she would rather make a Scooby Doo watch.

I was busy cleaning up the lunch tables when Shaydn asked for some help to tape his watch around his wrist, so I suggested that perhaps Libby would help him, then he could help Libby. This is just what they did with Libby saying, 'there you are' as she put the tape in place for Shaydn. He replied with, 'right, what can I do for you now?' and proceeded to help Libby.

A little later Libby noticed that Jorja was struggling with the tape on her 'parcel' so Libby moved around the table to help her friend.

Tino pai tamariki!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Relay for Life / KIDSPACE 10th Birthday

We have decided NOT to enter a team in the Cancer Society Relay for Life this year and instead focus our energy on our KIDSPACE curriculum and on planning some KIDSPACE 10th birthday celebrations.

Our actual anniversary is Sunday 30th January so we will have some fun and games with the children on Monday 31st January, however we thought we could have an event (or events) a little later on in the year when it is not so busy.

Tell us your ideas for possible events and/or celebrations - we are keen to hear them - blog, email, or write on the poster near the sign in table.

Some other Relay for Life events that you might be interested in supporting: "Lovebirds" movie screening Cinema Gold, Havelock North 11 February, 7.30 - supper, prizes, $25 ticket, Barnes Mossman


Happy New Year

Wishing all our KIDSPACE whanau a very Happy New Year.

It has been very quiet at KIDSPACE with some special times for the few children who have been in. Kerry and Rochelle kept KIDSPACE running for the families who needed childcare over the holiday period (supported on different days by Monica, Ann and Ainslee). This quiet period has also been a good time to sort out resources ready for the year ahead - see the wonderful job Rochelle did reorganising all the picture books!

It is great catching up with the children who are returning from their holidays and hearing all their stories. Perhaps you might like to email us your favourite holiday photo and we will put it on the blog?