Friday, 23 January 2009

Baby Shower

With Jude's last day 31/01/2009 and Meegies 13/02/2009 before they go on maternity leave, we thought we would have a baby shower for them on Tuesday 3 February 2009 at 7pm Wine and Juice and a few nibbles will be provided. This is an opportunity to wish them well and have a bit of fun. You are welcome to bring a small baby gift but it is not required- we would much sooner have your company.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Artist in Residence

Great interest and ideas are generated as Sallie Dunford works on the sandpit wall. She is adding some pictures to the beautiful stone pattern that Kate made. The children will be able to watch Sallie at work when she returns next week.

Insect Mania

Recently there has been a strong interest in insects within the centre. Earlier on in the week Elijah, Laker and Eneri were intrigued to find a large number of spiders under a rock they had overturned. It was not long before the boys were joined by many of their friends and lots of conversation developed relating to spiders including what they eat, where they live and if they bite. Most of the week this interest has remained with many of the children initiating spider and insect hunts and Isaac bringing to KIDSPACE a cockroach he had found . It is wonderful to listen to the conversations held between children and amazing to discover how much knowledge they have on a diverse range of topics and willingly share this with their peers. Monica.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Healthy lunchbox ideas

There are links on our blog to sites (in right hand column) with lots of ideas and tips for healthy eating .
We also have a poster on the window near the sign in area at KIDSPACE for families to share their ideas. So far this is what has been written: 
My child is tired of sandwiches - what else can I put in the lunchbox that will fill her up and is a healthy alternative? Chicken kebabs, pitta pockets or wraps, muffin split pizzas, pasta (hide grated veges eg carrots and zucchini in it with mince... delish and nutritious, last night's leftovers
What kind of foods should I avoid? Nuts, sweets, roll-ups, sugary drinks

KIDSPACE teachers are happy to warm food in the microwave.
If you would like to add to this discussion on this blog, click on comments

Under two's

Kia ora Parents

It is Tamara here i have just completed my Diploma of Teaching in Early Childhood and am very fortunate to take a position at KIDSPACE. I am letting you all know this month I am transitioning into the role of under two's Primary caregiver, as Megan heads off on maternity leave. I am really looking forward to teaching your children and watching as they learn and grow.
Feel free to talk to me whenever you need.

I look forward to the year ahead :)

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Friends helping friends!

Peer assessment is evident at KIDSPACE at the moment.  The children bring to KIDSPACE a wealth of skill and enjoy sharing it with their friends.  Over the last week one of the girls has been teaching her good friend how to perform a forward roll!  Step by step verbal instructions, a little scaffolding through demonstration and lots of practice (and giggling!) both girl's found success - one feeling proud she has taught her friend a new skill, the other feeling proud that she has mastered a new one. Ka mau te wehi! That is amazing!