Thursday, 31 March 2011

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Happy Birthday Jack

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Our new relief teacher Rachel

You may have seen Rachel or talked to Rachel in the last few weeks. Please make her feel welcome, she is currently doing relief teaching a few days a week at KIDSPACE. Rachel has just completed her degree in teaching 0-8 years. She has started to make connections with the children and build relationships as she gets to know the children. The children have really enjoyed her playing the guitar and singing songs with them. In the photo captured Taneesha and Rionagh played alongside Rachel on their ukulele's and Poesy enjoyed listening to the music (her dad also plays the guitar so it's familiar to Poesy).


Monday, 28 March 2011

Lochie Rox

Mollie and Aimee's brother has just undergone his 4th operation for a recurring brain tumour. Jude writes from Starship about a fundraising effort to take this incredibly brave boy to Disneyland: "Lochies trip to disneyland.... i have a friend who has stickered her white Mitsubishi FTO in Lochies handprints - green, with LOCHIE ROX on them. so if you are in Napier, or palmy this weekend, if you see it, it is to raise money for Lochies trip. we are trying to raise $6500 it is going to cost to get him there. KORUCARE are paying for the trip but have asked us to help raise funds also if we are able. Chris Tremain, local national MP came up with the idea of getting people to sponsor a hand, and raise money this way. the story will feature in the courier on the 30th. I'm not sending this to you to ask for money, hell no, what i am asking is that you tell everyone you know about it and see who wants to donate or just get the word out there that this is what the car is all about..... chris is kickstarting the campaign with $200 worth of hands!! wicked!!"

Lochie and Jude, we are thinking of you and hope that you will be back in the Bay soon. We are happy to pass on any donations for KIDSPACE families wanting to sponsor a hand.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

A train without rails

This day is filled with fun when most of the KIDSPACE children experienced a train journey unexpectedly. They got ready to take their turn to enjoy a long trip along the stoney pavement.
But among the stones the train ceased to move. There was serious discussion on it for about five minutes. Soon they reasoned a train needs rails to run on. Donnagh and Joshua got out to remove the stones from under the wheels. All became happy when the train started to move again. Mohanan

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Dora the Explorer!!

On Monday, Emily, Isabella, Libby, Taneesha and Paige went to Dora the Explorer live on stage with family members. On Tuesday there was still lots of talk about Dora and their interest had esculated since the Dora show on Monday. I asked the girls if they would like to watch some Dora on the laptop. They were very excited and got their chairs ready around the table while I got the laptop and set it up. We looked through the lists of different videos on YouTube and the children took turns at choosing which one they wanted to watch. Sometimes they chose by looking at the photo labelled on the video, and other times I would read the title, 'Dora's ballet dancing' etc. The group grew, with Joshua and Cian eager to watch as well. It was a fun experience to have with the children, as it shows we value their interests and what they get up to outside of KIDSPACE. The use of technology is also a great learning tool for children, as they are exposed to different forms of communication and can watch as well as listen! Emily, Isabella and Jorja even knew the 'Dora the Explorer' theme song and were singing away to it.

"There is time for children to talk to interested teachers, and share special news" (Belonging, Te Whariki).

"The programme includes activities which emphasise watching and imitating" (Communication, Te Whariki).


Happy St. Patrick's day

Thursday, 17 March 2011

The gym

What a great memory Donnagh has. When I was in last Thursday he asked if I could make a gym again. "A gym" I asked. "Yes, the one with the punching bag" he answered. A few months ago I had hung one of our foam shapes up as a punching bag and the children had spent quite a bit of time using this. With Mohanans help I set this up again. Donnagh, myself and the other children then negotiated rules for 'the gym'. Donnagh is demonstrating his social skills by turn taking, negotiating and maintaining relationships.

As Donnagh worked out he told me that his Dad has a punching bag and his Dad does exercises. I asked if that was so he could get big muscles. Donnagh laughed and said "Yes". Go Dan! Donnagh also told me that he has his own boxing gloves and uses the punching bag as well.
Donnagh is developing gross motor skills and spatial awareness through physical exploration. He is also developing an awareness of what keeps our body fit and healthy.


KIDSPACE 10th birthday party

On Friday 11th March KIDSPACE celebrated it's 10th birthday. What an awesome turn out.
Past teachers Avelynn, Joy, Pip, Meegies and Jude joined us along with past and present nga tamariki and nga whanau. So as you can imagine there was lots of catching up to be done. The older children seemed to enjoy the sandpit just as much as they used to when they attended KIDSPACE. Tino rawe!! The children entertained our visitors with our KIDSPACE song.
Thanks to whanau and friends for sharing this celebration with us. It reinforces the sense of belonging and family that is such a part of the KIDSPACE environment. I have included some feedback from Cheryl McConnell, Lecturer at EIT.

Congratulations to Irene and team. What a wonderful evening. The centre looked amazing and the concept of family was seen, heard and clearly valued. Thank you so much for including us in your celebrations. What an inspiration you are to the early childhood community.




Wednesday, 16 March 2011

St Patrick's Day

KIDSPACE is going GREEN on Thursday 17 March for St Patrick's Day. Wear something GREEN and come and join in the fun!

Happy 3rd birthday Paige


Interactive play

Lexi wanted to do a big floor puzzle, and she chose the zoo animals one. We tiped out the pieces and Lexi starting collecting the ones that looked like a giraffe. Rionagh came inside a few moments later and took an interest in the puzzle as well. She sat down with us and Lexi was very welcoming. 'You can help us Rionagh', she said with a big happy grin. Rionagh started picking up different pieces and just enjoyed talking about the animals. "What's this Rionagh?' I said, pointing to the elephant. 'Elaaaphan" she replied, trying really hard to say it. I encouraged Rionagh's vocab by sounding out the words slowly so she could repeat after me. Rioangh had great recognition skills! Lexi was confident in her knowledge of the animals and had fun catagorizing the animal pieces. I loved the way Rionagh and Lexi interacted together. Although at different stages in their learning and understanding, they still interacted and understood each other and completed the puzzle.


Friday, 11 March 2011

Welcome Poesy

We extend a warm welcome to Poesy, who has spent her first week with us at KIDSPACE. Poesy is Noah's little sister and on her first day she had the pleasure of both mum and dad dropping her off. It is wonderful to have a baby in the centre, and the older children are gaining knowledge, skills, and attitudes around caring for others.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Friday, 4 March 2011

Caring for KIDSPACE

At KIDSPACE we encourage the children to care for our environment, so it was no surprise when today, as I was scrubbing the tables, three helpers, Jorja, Mana, and Lexi, came to lend a helping hand. They did a wonderful job, and really put in some elbow grease when trying to remove the stubborn PVA glue that had stuck to the surface.
It is wonderful to witness children taking responsibility for KIDSPACE resources and taking pride in their environment. They were able to remain focused and see the task to completion.
They also demonstrated the ability to negotiate, when deciding who was going to use what to do the job.
Jorja, Mana, and Lexi are developing skills in caring for the environment, such as cleaning,fixing, gardening, and helping others with self-care skills, as well as initiating, maintaining, and enjoying a relationship with other children - including taking turns, problem solving, and negotiating.


February Newsletter 2011

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Welcome Thadeus and Ahlyna

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Welcome to KIDSPACE Cian

We extend a warm welcome to Cian and his family who started here at KIDSPACE on Monday. Cian has settled in well and is enjoying exploring the new environments. He already knows Rionagh and Donnagh, which helps in the settling in period. Cian particualry enjoyed playing with transport toys and things with wheels, including the diggers and trucks in the sandpit, the trains and tracks inside, the trollies and the lego. Cian also gave sponge and brush painting a go and said it was for his mum.

Lyrique and Charlotte's singing and dancing

After listening to a few songs and playing with the musical instruments, Lyrique requested the 'It's a rainbow song'. She had the coloured ribbons all ready and was excited about singing to this song. It wasn't on the ipod so I went off to try and find the CD. When I came back with it, Lyrique was jumping up and down and already singing the song. When it started playing, Lyrique started singing straight away. She wasn't fazed by the noise and business, just as long as she could hear the song. Charlotte was also dancing with her colourful ribbons, and Lyrique involved her in her dance and Charlotte really liked that.

Children develop confidence to sing songs, and to experiment with chants and pitch patterns. Children gain confidence in the ability to move and control their body (Te Whariki).