Monday, 18 June 2012


It's all happening on educa!!!  Have you accepted the invitation to our KIDSPACE educa site yet?  We are scaling back this whanau blog as our KIDSPACE educa site gets up and running.  As well as information, newsletters and stories similar to this blog, each child has their own portfolio (accessible only to the child's family).  So if you haven't already had a look, accept your invitation today.  If you have missed the invitation, just ask one of the teachers to send it again.
See you on educa - Irene

Games and Dessert whaanau evening

Dear parents and whaanau.

We are going to have a whaanau night where we (The KIDSPACE teachers) can treat all you wonderful parents to a night of fun games and delicious dessert.  This is also a great opportunity for you all to meet Louise, our newest member to the KIDSPACE team, and to also have some laughs and to make new friends.  

When is this going to be happening you may be asking?
Well the plan is to have it during the first week of the school holidays, so either Wednesday the 4th of July, or Thursday 5th of July - 6-8PM or 7-9pm.  The choice is up to you. 

If you could please write your name and how many adults might, or will, attend as well as the time that would suit you too in the comments box that would be very helpful.  From this information we will choose the night that is more popular and let you know by Monday the 25th June what night and time we will be having this whaanau night.

We look forward to having a great night with you.
Rochelle and the KIDSPACE team.

ps. this is an adults only occasion

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Happy Birthday Anika

Happy Bithday Lepa

Not only was it Anika's Birthday on Friday, but it was also Lepa's. On Thursday we celebrated Lepa's Birthday together, she had a carrot cake and together we sang 'Happy Birthday'. Thank you for sharing a lovely carrot cake with everybody. We hope you had a wonderful day!