Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Swing thang!

I often see Libby on the rope swing she loves it! she is often with her GREAT friend Donnagh as the photos show he is swinging too. Libby tries to swing has high as she can, this could be a little interesting when they're both on the swing, they have to work out when to swing without crashing into each other. What a great way to learn about problem-solving.

By Tamara

Musical man

Max G was a little upset to see mum go on Wednesday, but once he found things to play with he was much happier.
Max found a nice area where some of our musical instruments were displayed. I found him a xylophone stick and he started to tap on the xylophone , he looked up at me and he had a huge smile on his face, this told me he really enjoyed the noise that it made, he continued to hit it "ding ding ding" then he would smile at me again. MAx must have an ear for music?. I shall see if he enjoys music in other areas.

By Tamara

Would you like a cup of tea?

Mollie brought in her special ceramic tea set to KIDSPACE.
Here I found Harry playing with it on the deck, the teapot was full of water and Harry
was pouring cups of tea. When I came along Harry said, "here you go Mara, cup of tea".
He had such a great time filling and empting that teapot with water. "More", he said "O yes please", Tamara said, and Harry continued getting the tea ready for me. Harry was role playing and his play shows he has been watching other people in his life prepare tea or coffee, he is using play to express what he knows about his world.

By Tamara

Tuesday, 28 April 2009


 Recently KIDSPACE children have been interested in taking care of our newly planted vegetable and flower plants. As soon as the waterplay is available the children fill up containers of water and and together they water them.
Some of the children have also been enjoying taking a closer look at life in the garden, using our new giant magnifying glasses.
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The Last of the Wakely Whanau arrives! Finally...

Introducing AIMEE MARGARET WAKELY. Aimee was unzipped (elective c-section) on the 14th April 2009 at 2.38pm, 7pound 4oz, by who some of us have given the title "McDreamy!" (Jeremy Meates of you who are in the know!) Ten days early, Aimee didnt want to be welcomed by our big world - floppy and not breathing for a minute or so but soon to scream out to the world "Here I am!" for the next half an hour. Since then, now two weeks old, Aimee hardly makes a noise, has put herself into a pretty great routine - touch wood - and making our lives complete. Lochie was yet again disappointed that another pinky has popped out - he looooongs for a brother. But he is coming to terms that he reamains king of the farm forever and no-one can take that from him! Mollie on the other hand - by geeepers! Mollie is not coping by any means that she no longer has her mummy all to herself (tantrums by the dozen!) and that Aimee has somehow stolen her favourite love. Me! Im hoping time will cure this. Anyway, washing to hang and fold, carpet to vacuum, tv and toffeepops to devour! Take care everyone, miss you all....

Monday, 27 April 2009

Our new teachers first day

My first day has been a very fun one, with play dough and wooden puzzles this morning, while trying to remember all of my friends new names!  After the children's lunch I sang a new song 'When Goldilocks went to the house of the Bears' and read stories to the older children who took turns by helping to point out objects, colours, shapes and characters on the pages. The children are all very contented in their play and friendships and also happily let me know where things live and what to do (at times). I look forward to meeting more friends tomorrow. Jessie

Friday, 24 April 2009

Great Interactions

On Friday I was inside and as I looked out the window look who I spotted playing outside together, Noah and Paige. They had just woken up and the other under two's were having lunch. In the photo they are playing a game of tea-ball. Noah had a really strong arm when hitting that ball off and Paige would help retrieve the ball for him. This is one of the benefits of a mixed age centre, children can work and play together while learn different skills from the older or younger children.
What a great interaction these two had, they were very content.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

All in a day...

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Hot Glue Gun Fun

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Elijah, Laker, Eneri, Charlie, Maia, Theo and Chardanae enjoyed using the hot glue gun today. This was a great experience for them to be involved in as it is something that many of them have never used before. We experimented with different coloured glitter glues, which the children found interesting as the colours started to mix together. Everyone was very patient at waiting for their turn and also very persistent when we had to squeeze hard as the glue was not coming out!! We discussed how the hot glue gun is plugged in which makes it get very hot, and how the glue that dribbles out will also be very hot to start with. It was really impressive to see that all of the children were extremely careful. There were some amazing pictures produced, which the children should all be very proud of. Way to go guys!!!

My best friend Ruby

"My mum likes Ruby. My mum loves Joaquin, and my mum loves me. I saw Ruby on the computer, she was having a swing. Ruby is my best friend. My mum loves Te Kira too".
Story written by Caelyn and Sarah

Early Literacy

Sophie went and got a book from the shelf and brought it over to Tamara to read, We sat up on the couch and Corbin joined us. As we went through each page Sophie would imitate how that animal sounded, she was very knowledgeable on the different sounds the animals had. 
It was great to see Sophie choosing her own books and setting her own learning.
Ka pai Sophie. Reading is such a great way for children to learn about the many things that are around them in this world.

Friday, 17 April 2009

It's a GIRL... It's a BOY!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Jude and Blair on the arrival on Tuesday of their daughter, Aimee - a little sister for Mollie, Emily and Lochie
But wait, there's more
CONGRATULATIONS to Kelly and Casey on the arrival on Wednesday of their son, Landan - a little brother for Caelyn
We eagerly await some photos!

Welcome Kian and Max

A very warm welcome to our newest KIDSPACE boys and their whanau. Kian is 2 1/2 and Max has just had his first birthday.

Easter Fun

We hope you enjoyed the Easter break with your family and friends.
Do you have any stories or photos your children could share?
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For the older children who do not have a sleep, after lunch is a special time when the science kits come out. Yesterday, Te Kira experimented with the shapes she could make with the Jacob's ladder toy. Could she make the same shapes with the slinky?

Today, Yvonne had a hive of activity after lunch with some children working together on the marble race, other children making fantastic constructions with the Constructo-Straws and Charlie and Laker working quietly together with iceblock sticks and walnut shells. Three squares with a shell beside each square - one to one matching I thought? Silly! It's a police car! The boys took turns taking photos of their work. (Irene)

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Flynn's First Week

Hi everyone! Flynn Desmond Garnham-Bennett has only been here for a week, but already I cannot imagine my life without him!
He was born on Tuesday 7th April 09, at 1:27pm and weighed in at 8lb 11oz. He was in absolutely no hurry to come and needed to be induced...x3 to get the little monkey out! Jason and I are doing our very best to survive on the precious few hours of sleep we get. Each day is better than the last and Flynn slepy for a mammoth 5hrs straight last night which qualifies as a full nights sleep these days. Just a shame it was the beginning of the night and I was wide awake at 1am!! Oh well, early days yet. Flynn is just fabulous, and fills our hearts completely, which makes up for the lack of sleep! (well for me it does)! Daddy takes great pride in bathing his son, but I have yet to convince him he can do just as good a job with breast feeding and nappy changing! I'll keep working on that one!
Better get going and get some house work done before the prince of the farm wakes!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Swing high,swing low

There was lots of interest in the swing on Thursday 9th. The girls were having so much fun, they were giggling and smiling away. They were really good at taking turns
and waiting patiently. It was fantastic to see because at these children's age it is often not easy to grasp the concept of sharing
and turn taking. This is sometimes even a hard skill for adults to grasp. The children worked together and helped their friends get on and off the swing, as well as giving them a push.
Te Kira, suggested "it's like at the circus". So I Iisted a few things it could represent, also having a bit of a joke, "is it an elephant?, clown, monkey, lastly trapeze artist", Te Kira pipped up, "yeah it is like a trapeze artist!".

By Tamara
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By Tamara

Friday, 10 April 2009

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Newsletter March 09

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Friday, 3 April 2009


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This baking experience promoted turn taking, sharing, communication, listening, maths concepts and of course fun!