Monday, 30 November 2009

KIDSPACE Christmas Lights

Many thanks to Jessie and her partner, Peter for their help putting up the Christmas lights. We were grateful for the cloudy day on Saturday - James was showing the effects of the hot day on Sunday when he finished off putting up the lights. Just a bit more to do on the connections (it really is a big job). The lights will be turned on from this Thursday 3 Dec from 8 - 11pm. Irene and James

Friday, 27 November 2009

Gorgeous Green Grass

The new grass has been cut, the barriers are down and we're all set to play! A big thank you to our teachers who have been so vigilant in keeping it watered.

Laker and Elijah go to Onekawa school

On Thursday Laker and Elijah had their first visit to Onekawa School, this is their primary school and they start after the Christmas school hoildays.
Look at a sample of their letter writing, they told Monica this was their 'school work'. They reported their new teacher is Miss Kay and mum Suzie said 12 new children visited Onekawa School. Elijah said "you got to take off your shoes in the sandpit, so they don't dirty inside" and "they got a swimming pool". Laker added his experience "we got to go there two days, because the teacher said, we do the same we go in the class and we have to sit down on the carpet, then we have to play, first we needed to go to the library, 'cause the man said to us, to the children, we don't know the man's name". Louise's two children also attend Onekawa School and a newsletter said out of the 12 new children starting there is a set of twins and a set of triplets.

Meeting baby Ashton

Kian's new baby brother Ashton visited us on Wednesday then on Thursday he stopped in again and for photos this time. Kian was very content as we talked about Ashton's clothes and his long limbs and fingers, he also introduced Ashton to James. When Kian held Ashton (with mum Katrina's help) he looked about to see if he friends where watching, with a very proud look on his face.
"Children and their families feel a sense of belonging... they experience an environment where: connecting links with the family and the wider world are affirmed and extended", The Strands of Te Whaariki: Belonging, Kei Tua o te Pae.

Happy birthday Tamara

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Thursday, 26 November 2009

ERO Visit 14 December

For centres that are already complying with the legal requirements, compliance is not a major focus of the review. Instead ERO is able to focus on the quality of the programme, the quality of adult/child interactions and the learning environment and the impact of these on outcomes for children.
As part of our preparation for this review we need to identify review priorities:
  • for areas where we are performing well, the priority will be on validating the results of self review and identifying good practice
  • for areas where there is a need for improvement ERO will work with us to formulate strategies for improvement
We are very keen to get your suggestions on what these priorities should be. You can leave a comment on this blog post (either anonymous or with your name so that ERO can follow up if they have any questions) or write on the notice near the sign in table. Thanks for your input.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Many hands make light work!

This Saturday, 28 November from 9am, is the time when we will be putting up the KIDSPACE Christmas lights. We would be very grateful for any help. Irene and James

Gifts From Jessie

Yesterday, we had a really cool time exploring the new Rocket Balloons that Jessie had bought in for the children. We all had a turn at blowing up our individual balloon and running around the yard before letting them go. The thrill of hearing the high pitched whistle as they soared into the air was obvious from the laughter and the constant asking, "when is it my turn".
We continued with this fun experience until we began to get low on balloons due to some exploding, and others flying over the fence or becoming caught in the trees, much to the amusement of all.
All of the children, with support from teachers, were able to wait their turn and to take enjoyment from watching their friends have a go. These children are developing an appreciation of the ways in which they can make contributions to groups and to group well-being.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Our new game

Wow check us out looking at our new game! Irene has bought us a new game called 'Word Detective'. It is an educational game with a talking pen that teaches you to pronounce, read and spell english. Irene opened the big box and gave us all a demo!! Wow we can't wait to have a try.... we just need the teachers to learn how to work it first!!!

Rionagh the music maker

Little Rionagh has been busily making music this morning. She has been experimenting with the noise of the instruments, as she banged, hit, clapped and dropped them .... very noisy and of course very fun!!!

Xmas Concert

Monday, 23 November 2009

Tamara's return

Tamara was back today from her wedding and honeymoon leave. During morning tea we presented her with a wedding gift. Sarah blew bubbles from a wedding cake shaped bubble container, the children were interested in what was inside the wrapping paper and in watching and popping the bubbles!

Maynard visits KIDSPACE

Karla and Ruby arrived with Maynard this morning, his first visit to KIDSPACE. Tyra took the close up photograph and lots of children came for a close look and touch or a stand at the back of the car seat look. We talked about Maynard's carseat, Corbin was interested in the seat belt and his PJ's and when we looked at Maynard's hand Tyra commented "he has veins". Charlie said "he's Joaquin's brother", Noah squealed happily and Paige said "baby". Big sister Ruby was very proud announcing Maynard was here when she first arrived.
"Opportunites are arranged for families and whaanau to meet each other and the children in the early childhood education setting...", Belonging, Te Whaariki,

Pukemokimoki Marae

On Friday I stayed on Pukemokimoki Marae in Maraenui. This was with staff from Little Guppies and Green Meadows Kindergarten too. We had a Noho Marae to discuss The Educaiton Review Office- Maaori Children in Early Childhood Pilot Study. Our facilitator was Papara Wano from Massey University. We did lots of eating, laughing, sharing, singing and crying. We had a wonderful speaker Henere O'Keefe who was very passionate about todays tamariki and he could sing a beautiful waiata.
Pukemokimoki Marae is Napier's newest Marae and has very modern facilities, beautiful carvings and paintings. Last week our children helped me brush up on my waiata, by singing E Toru Nga Mea, Too Ringaringa ki Roto (Put your hand in- "Hokey Tokey") and action song A, E , I, O, U. We hope to visit a marae with our children.

Farewell Chardanae

Friday 20th November was Chardanae's happy last day with us. On Monday she is off to Maraekakaho School, joining Joaquin. We had lots of fun on Chardanae's last day... cake, fresh fruit, play with friends and then water sprinkler play in the afternoon. We look forward to a visit from her during the school hoildays, soon.
Have fun at your new school Chardanae.
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Wednesday, 18 November 2009


WAHOO, our KIDSPACE blog has just reached 10'000 views!!!

How exciting!!

Ben's Water Play

Monday, 16 November 2009

A new brother for Ruby and Joaquin

On Wednesday 11th of November Ruby and Joaquin gained a brother (not a sister Pearl as we thought at all)! A new baby boy named Maynard for Karla, Scott, Ruby and Joaquin's whanau. Congratulations.

Kian's Koro donates new books

Kian's Koro and grandma stayed with him while Kian's mum had his new brother Ashton in hospital. Kian has a very special bond with this Koro who drives a truck and an ambulance, which Kian is very interested in and knowledgeable about, so when Koro left for home he donated two vehicle books to KIDSPACE. "Diggers" and "My First book on Transport". These are on our book shelf. Have a look.
"Children experience a wide range of stories and hear and practise story-telling", Communication, Te Whaariki.

Early Literacy

Isaac, Eneri, Charlie, Sarah, Maia, Laker, Tyra, Elijah, Chardanae, Jasper and Theo
all write their names. Copying their written name from above they all had a go at
writing letters, or drawing shapes and patterns to represent who they are.
"Centre literacy experiences provide a wide range of opportunities through which
children can holistically learn, develop and experience the world",
The New Zealand Early Childhhod Literacy Handbook, Practical Literacy Ideas
for Early Childhood Centres, Judy Hamer and Paul Adams.
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We did it!

On Saturday Sarah B, Rie and Monica, supported by Louise and Irene, did an amazing job presenting our research at the final regional hui for the three year ICT professional learning programme. Other workshops that we attended included Art and Creativity with ICT, and Building Shared Understanding with ICT. Amanda Higgins, our original ICT facilitator, was up from Wellington and gave a very thought provoking presentation about sustaining the momentum from the project and using distributed leadership. This was particularly timely for us as we are looking at ways distributed leadership could work for our team.

All Whites victory...

One shot for glory it surely was. Wellington had sold out of all white coloured football gear on Saturday and windy Westpac Stadium filled with Bahrain and All White fans from early on. There where lots of chants from the crowd and more jumping up and down and drink thrown when the All Whites scored their one goal.
Can you see the scarves, flags and FIFA photographers amongst the Bahrain and All Whites players?

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Hello from Melbourne

It's Tamara here, just a quick chat
Hope all the KIDSPACE whanau and children are doing well.
It is very hot over here highest has been 37 degrees, got to get used to that!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Tamara and Simon's wedding

As promised a few photos of Tamara and Simon's wedding
at Craggy Range Winery on Sat 7th November. Look at their cake,
Tamara's flowers and the big smiles. This was a wonderful afternoon.
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Friday, 6 November 2009

Tyra's first school visit story

This is Tyra's story of her first morning visit to Porritt School.
"They have no beds, they have a hall and six toilets. I have a pink homework bag". Friends with Anne's help asked Tyra about her visit, she said "put your hand up".

Isaac asked Tyra "what did you go on (playground)?", Tyra replied "nothing, we played off the playground, it was a senior playground that I played off".

Jasper's question was "where did you go, what did you play?" Tyra commented, "only three people went (visited the school), we played on nothing".

Maia asked Tyra "what did your class room look like?", to which Tyra answered "it looks like Jahna's (Tyra's older sister) school, you think her school".

These friends are sharing their understanding of primary school with Tyra's new knowledge.
"Children develop a realistic perception of what they know...", Contribution, Te Whaariki.

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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Kian has a brother

Congratulations to Kian, mum Katrina and dad James on the birth of a baby boy. Born today. We look forward to Kian's stories of meeting his new brother when he arrives with his Koro at KIDSPACE tomorrow.

BNZ Closed for Good day

Wednesday 4th November was BNZ Closed for Good day. Paiges's mum Heidi, and Chris spent the morning with helpers James, Irene and reliever Louise plus the KIDSPACE children relaying our stone path. Washing the stones was first, then rolling the path soil flat, sifting the weeds, sand and leaves from the stones. Next laying grey matting down, shingle in wheelbarrow loads from James trailor to the path then arranging the large stones and river stones. Our children helped and discussed this process throughout. Come and have a look at the path after all of this great team work.
"Children develop an appreciation fo the ways in which they can make contributions to groups and to group well-being", Te Whaariki, Contribution.

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Look at me in a big bed now!

Today after kai time Noah and Rory joined our sleepers on mattress beds, moving from their nursery cots, Paige has been sleeping on a mattress for a few weeks. Noah slept on even after rolling into the wall a few times, Rory happily sucked his koromatua (thumb) and Paige dozed with her kumu (bottom) in the air. All three content in their new moe (sleep) surroundings.
"Children develop positive attitudes towards eating, sleeping and toileting", Te Whaariki, Belonging.

KIDSPACE visit Colenso for shared morning tea

This morning a Harry, Ruby, Caelyn, Maia, Taylah, Sophie and Netana with Rie and Jessie walked to Colenso Teenage Parent Unit.
Here we contributed to morning tea taking strawberries, pita bread and pineapple. With their sandwiches, raisins, water, milk and dates we all sat outside on the grass to eat. After eating we joined in for a new 'rooster song' that the Colseno teachers had learnt.
Inside the KIDSPACE children explored and played with playdough, did drawings and used the toilet.
We had a great time and Colenso is very close to KIDSPACE, in our community that we will visit them again.
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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Thanks For The Entertainment

Yesterday, a group of older children took a trip to Onekawa School after kindly being invited by Isaac's nana Beth, to watch their end of year recital.
We were treated to some wonderful examples of the children's talent, such as performances by the schools' Kapa Haka Group, Line Dancers, recorder players, gymnasts, and some wonderful singing, to name a few.
Our KIDSPACE children really enjoyed this outing, and their level of concentration was amazing, and I can tell you, there was lots of chit chat about which performance they liked best on our walk back to the centre.
These children are developing a familiarity with a variety of types of music, art, dance, and drama as expressions of feeling, mood, situation, occasion, and culture.