Thursday, 30 September 2010

Visitors to the KIDSPACE blog

I've just been looking at the visitor locations, (click on the cluster map on right hand side of blog), and I am intrigued that someone connected to KIDSPACE knows someone in Mongolia and Russia who have logged onto our site. Do you have friends and family in other parts of the world who would be interested in what your child is doing at KIDSPACE? It is a great learning tool looking at the map with children and discussing the different countries where people have logged onto our site. Our blog will not come up in a general search of Kids or even kidspace - you either need the full address, or access the blog via our website,

Walk to Onekawa school

Today was the second day of the school holidays, and it was such a warm sunny day! Monica and I took Acacia, Caelyn, Jorja, Max, Libby, Charlotte, Jack and Emily for a walk down to Onekawa school. They have a big fun playground there. We wore our sunhats and walked through the alley way next to KIDSPACE, around a few corners then we were there. There were wobbly bridges, poles, slides, climbing nets, monkey bars and much much more. We stayed for about an hour and had so much fun! We love to make the most of visiting schools that are close to KIDSPACE, during the holidays, as the children can extend their own skills and abilities playing on different, and sometimes challenging equipment. It's also nice for children to see schools first hand and make connections to the wider world.

"Children gain confidence in and control of their bodies" (Te Whaariki, Exploration).


Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Irene at MOE

Just letting you know that from next week for four weeks I will only be in at KIDSPACE on Mondays and for staff meetings. Tuesday - Friday I will be working for the Ministry of Education at their Ahuriri offices. Jessie will be in charge in my absence. I am still nearby and, as usual, can be reached at home in the evening.

September Newsletter

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Getting involved with the Carpentry

Travis had noticed the hammer, wood and nails. He picked up the hammer, I observed him for a little bit as he moved the hammer up and down a few times. I then went a little bit closer he looked at me and smiled. I offered to show him how to do it, he responded. I held the nail in my hand and Travis helped me with the hammer it went up and down. I then moved myself away a little bit and let Travis have another turn, this time he put the hammer closer to the nail to hammer it in. Travis is very confident in experiencing things of interest to him and having a go. Through careful observation we as teachers can help guide and support children in showing them how to do some things, like hammering in nails, as this takes skill and we do need to be safety conscious of children's hands. Travis' curiosity and exploration is encouraged and learning extended my modelling, from me as a teacher.


Monday, 27 September 2010


KIDSPACE fees increase by $1 a day from next week to cover the GST increase. Please adjust your automatic payment or internet banking for the new amount. Families on WINZ subsidies will find that their increase is less than $1 a day because WINZ subsidies increased by a few cents an hour from this week. Check your invoice in pockets today for details of your fees or ask Irene or Jessie.

Kanikani- dance

This morning the tamariki enjoyed activities outside including dancing on mats to our Mango Tango cd, a cd which through music develops foundation skills on which to build literacy. Also skills in building connections in the brain and preparing children for formal learning via auditory, motor, creativity, memory, visual, musical, social and language skills.
Five KIDSPACE staff attended a workshop on the benefits of this cd. Songs such as Mango Tango- a song about fruit coming to life in the fruit and veggie shop, Giant's Breakfast- a song about preparing large items of food for the giant's breakfast, and Howdy Partner- a greeting song with a cowboy theme, are some of the tamariki favourite songs.
"Children develop an ability to be creative and expressive through a variety of activities, making music". "Children develop an increased ability to keep a steady beat through speech, chants, dances or movement to simple rhythmic patterns", Communication, Te Whaariki.
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New trampoline

Tarquin's mum Kelly very kindly donated a trampoline to KIDSPACE, the tamariki have had lots of fun, turn-taking and exercise on this, they have jumped (peke), kicked (whana), rolled over (hurihuri) and counted "kotahi, rua, toru, whaa, rima, ono, whitu, waru, iwa, tekau", or "one, two... ten"."Children develop confidence that they can participate and take risks without fear of harm", Well-Being, Te Whaariki.

Skipping skills

Last week we practised our jumping, timing and co-ordination skills for our up coming Jump Rope for Heart day- Tues 12th October. Using two skipping ropes and a soft landing mat children (and Jessie) took turns to jump over one or two skipping ropes. The ropes where wriggled like worms and shook like snakes at either ends of the ropes by peers.
Tarquin, Donnagh, Emily, Acacia, Lyrique and Caelyn demonstrate their paying attention, feeling safe, engaging with a challenge and having fun all at the same time at jumping.
Look out for more fun, physical and jump themed activities coming up in Jump Rope for Heart day...
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Happy birthday Rie

Rie celebrated her birthday with us on Friday. We celebrated with songs and a group time (plus cheesecake). Rie had lots of helpers to assist blow out her candles. Many happy returns.
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National Clean Up Week- 2nd walk

These friends helped clean up Onekawa Park for National Clean Up Week, they collected plastic bags, tin cans, a juice container, a sign, bottle caps, newspaper, a cracker box and straws to name a few items of rubbish.
Mania, Donnagh, Isabella, Jorja, Tarquin, Ashton and Caelyn collected with Ann and Jessie.
What great cleaners of our community this group was, "Children develop skills in caring for the environment, such as cleaning, fixing, gardening, helping others with self-care skills", Belonging, Te Whaariki.
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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Are You Prepared?

Do you have an emergency plan for your household? Emergency supplies? To coincide with daylight saving starting this Sunday 26/9, the Napier City Council will be carrying out a Siren Test at midday. There is a civil defence link down the right hand side of the KIDSPACE blog. This site has all you need to know to get prepared for a civil defence emergency. Also the Napier City Council site has a lot of information about emergency planning.
At KIDSPACE we have an emergency policy, supplies and evacuation plan (see red clearfile on parent library shelf). We carry out trial evacuation and earthquake drills on alternate months. We are currently working on a comprehensive plan to bring together emergency planning and hazard identification.

National clean up week 20-26 September 2010

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National clean up week 20-26 September 2010

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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Taylah and Marley in for worm juice

This morning our old special KIDSPACE friends Taylah and brother Marley visited. They have a new garden of seeds to plant at home and wanted to see if we had any worm juice to add to this.
Tamara found a big bottle to put the worm juice in while Taylah said hello to all of her old friends and teachers and Marley talked to our bird Leelah and then explored the sandpit with his grandma.
It was wonderful to see Marley and Taylah again and for them to think of us while their new garden grows.


Awa, Whenua game

These tamariki enjoy playing Rie's 'Awa, Whenua' or 'River, Land' game.

Lyrique, Jorja, Jordan, Noah, Emily and Rionagh join in.

The aim of the game is to jump into the awa-river or back to the whenua-land when the caller calls 'Awa' or 'Whenua'. We have played this a few times now at KIDSPACE and the children become excited when Rie goes to the shed to collect the rope.

On Tuesday 12th October we are taking part in the Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart and this is one of the games we will play.

These tamariki demonstrate "Children develop a capacity to pay attention, maintain concentration, and be involved", Well-Being, Te Whaariki.


Thursday, 16 September 2010

Water play fun

As the weather is getting warmer, waterplay seems to be of more interest! Particulary with the older group of girls. Yesterday, Jorja, Acacia, Emily, Isabella and Paige had a great time playing with the water in the sand pit. We had the hose and water tap set up, and the girls, as well as Jack and Noah at one point, each had their own bucket or container. They stood in line waiting to fill it up, and then took it away to do different things with it. Acacia liked to just tip it on the sand then go back for more. Jorja preferred to mix her water with sand in a bucket with a spoon. Paige was filling up a muffin tray with her water, and Jack was tipping his on his truck! Noah had a yellow watering can and used that to 'water' his truck and pour on the sand.

The children were learning about early numeracy e.g. measurement and mass (heavy, light, big, small), transportation, turn taking, making discoveries, active thinking and exploration of a range of materials and properties.

"Children experience an envrionment where their play is valued as meaningful learning and the importance of spontaneous play is recognised" (Te Whaariki).


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Wonderful Weaving

Yesterday Irene brought in all the tools we needed to create an amazing weaving masterpiece. Irene had prepared the frame for the weaving and brought along a selection of dried and freshly cut natural resources ready to use. This quickly caught the attention of many of the children and they worked hard with Irene all afternoon creating this beautiful piece of work. Lyrique, Mollie, Max, Isabella, Emily and Tarquin all mastered their weaving skills quickly. This learning experience held the children's attention and kept them engaged and working hard together for a long time. You can now see this wonderful weaving hanging in the artroom where the children can continue to add to it whenever they like. So, if you have any feathers, bark or anything else at all that could be used to weave, please bring it in for the children and watch their masterpiece develop!!

"We had to put them in this way in the strings" - Lyrique
"I put something else on" - Isabella

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Welcome to KIDSPACE Mohanan

We welcome Mohanan to KIDSPACE, starting in a voluntray position this week. Mohanan is enrolled at NZ Tertiary College, studying towards a Post-Graduate Diploma in Teaching (ECE) and will be working closely with his support person, Ainslee, on Mondays and Tuesdays. Mohanan has taught children from 3-13 years and has been Head of English department in India. He has recently arrived in NZ with his wife and two children.

Welcome to KIDSPACE Lyrique

Welcome to KIDSPACE Lyrique. Lyrique is big sister to Jaz and what a fun week Lyrique has had as well. Lyrique has loved expressing her creative side and engaging in painting, collage and and messy play. Lyrique has begun making some great friendships. She has had lots of fun dancing and singing to music in the artroom along side Jorja, and playing running and chasing games with the older boys and girls, outside. She is protective of her little sis Jaz, and loves to help and care for her throughout the day.


Welcome to KIDSPACE Jaz

Welcome to KIDSPACE Jaz. What a happy and settled week you have had. Jaz started with us on Monday this week. Jaz has taken on the new KIDSPACE environment head first and has had such a fun time exploring and trying new things. She has particulary enjoyed the messy and water play. Getting herself covered in it, from head to toe! Jaz has made a little friendship with Keita who is around the same age as well.