Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Mirror Reflection

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Hi from Kate in Canada

Hey All,

Thought I would send a wee message to say Hi to you all and I hope everything is going well for you all. Have been keeping up to date with all the postings on the children's blog and they are all growing up so fast and they all look sooo happy in their play. I will have to come back soon for a visit.... well when my time is finished here I will be there! So Canada is alot of fun, seen a lot of snow and great places along the way. Im staying with my sister in Rossland and looking for work here. Its not going as well as I thought it would but have been getting some babysitting to pay the bills etc. I am going to visit the States soon to see the family I used to work for so that should be fun. But in the meantime I am soaking up all that Rossland has to offer and doing a lot of snow boarding to pass my days by... not to bad at all if you ask me. The photos that I have attached are of me up Mt Washington, on Vancouver Island and trying out the sport Curling that I just might take up as a sport.... or maybe not.

Will keep in touch and let you all know of my travels.
Miss yas xxxxx

Curriculum Review

Curriculum Review: Routines / Transitions
We are currently reviewing our practices around routines and transitions. This is for all children but with particular focus on the ‘in betweenies’ who are moving from being with the little ones to joining the older group. We would be very interested in families thoughts and suggestions. How is it for you dropping off and collecting your child? What works well and what could we improve on? Feel free to talk to staff or write your thoughts down (handwritten, emailed or on the blog).

Green Green Grass

After diligently caring for our new grass all summer, it has sunk a bit, so instead of our old mud puddle we now have a lake when it rains. There was great excitement last Friday as the children watched the new grass being cut up. Last weekend the grass was lifted and more soil added. It will be fenced off for a couple of weeks while it all knits together, then hopefully we will have a lovely grass area.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Dinner Time Ideas.....Or Lack of!!!!

Is deciding what to eat for dinner a bit of a nightmare in your house????
It sure is in mine!

By the time I have worked all day and get home to a house full of people who all want my attention at once, it can often be just another chore to try and decide what to cook for dinner.
I wondered whether we could start a 'meal sharing' board/post? It would be great to have recipes and ideas that are used by other families. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of this idea. Thanks (Sarah)


Here is a great recipe for play dough that is quick and easy to make.

1-cup boiling water
2-tablespoons of cream of tartar
1/2-cup salt
1-tablespoon oil

Mix everything together and then add 1-cup flour.
Mix and knead.
Colour with powder paint or dye. You can also add glitter or essence to make it smell nice.
Keep it in an air tight container.

Please feel free to add any ideas or recipes that you may have.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Rory the Explorer

Rory is a very busy boy when he is at KIDSPACE. He spends much of his time finding various toys that he can play with or explore, here he is pictured with the trolley which is one of his favourites. He has become a very confident walker and loves to push this trolley around, up the stairs and onto the deck or down into the art room. This trolley is great for his balance, learning about pushing and speed as he pushes it down the ramp. (Tamara)

Helping Hands

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Amelia, Tyra and Sarah wanted to help me make the beds up so I asked them to put on the sheets and pillow cases. They did a fabulous job. Great team work girls!

Painting Exploration


Paige's mother wondered if she had done any painting at KIDSPACE. From this we reflected and realised Paige had spent a lot of time in other areas of the centre, so the teachers set up this experience for her. Check out the photos that show Paige's painting experience by double clicking on the photos. (Tamara)
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Monday, 23 March 2009


These photos of Taylah helping to feed Noah and showing Mollie ideas for painting on the cardboard shapes, are great examples of how, at KIDSPACE, we encourage the older children to be kind to the younger children and help them when they can. In doing so, the older children gain self esteem while the younger children learn from their more experienced peers. (Irene)

Photos on the blog

Double click on the photo to see it at full size

Newsletter Feb 09

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Newsletter Jan 09

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Harry and the sharks

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Friday, 20 March 2009

Busy Builders continued... here are the photos

Still Hapu!

Kia Ora to my KIDPSPACE Whanau!
I am still in one piece, eagerly awaiting Flynn's arrival. Everyday I have encouraging words with him, and everyday, he ignores me! A monkey already!!
Jason is convinced he will be a whopper, and has started taking me for bumpy rides on the 4 wheeler to get the party started, however it seems Flynn's invite to the party got lost in the mail! Don't get me wrong, I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment on my pregnancy and have been so blessed, I just would really love to meet this little fellow! The whole pregnancy has gone so fast but lets face it, the longer he stays in there....the bigger he gets!! So now would be fab!

It's great seeing what everyone is up to on the blog. Wow what a hive of activity! Everytime I pop into the centre there are so many wonderful things happening!
The staff and children are always so actively engaged, it's great to see.
Well, I better go hang out yet another load of washing. (this nesting thing is driving me crazy)!
Cross your fingers for me that this weekend is it!! Take care everyone,
love Almost a Mama Meegies!!

Busy Builders

After afternoon tea on Thursday, Amelia, Sarah, Te Kira and Tyra got very busy and creative in the block corner. They were there for at least forty minutes, continually adding blocks to their structure. See the photos, they are amazing! The creativity and thought that went into their design is very visible. What great skills they must have learnt through this experience - group decisions on where the blocks would go, concentration, negotiation, imagination, problem-solving and creativity.

Before Amelia went home, she asked if we could save it for tomorrow, but as she doesn't come into KIDSPACE on Friday's, Louise suggested we could put some photos on the blog so it could be saved that way.

So perhaps Amelia if you have time in the weekend, you could write a reply about what you think of the photos of your building?

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Hello Irene, colleagues, children and families at KIDSPACE.

I am thoroughly enjoying my time returning as a relieving teacher at your centre -currently teaching from 3-5:15pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Thank you all for such a warm welcome!
KIDSPACE is such a vibrant, energising and fun environment to work in and i am always impressed by the positive culture within the centre. The children are so lucky to have such an inspiring place to come to as part of their learning journey.

Through the Blog I can now track what is currently happening in the centre on the days I am not teaching so I can contribute to the curriculum with supporting resources.

I look forward to working with you all.


Doctor Joaquin

Joaquin walked through the KIDSPACE doors and look who he was! Dr. J.F, I was so excited to see you all dressed up Joaquin especially because the KIDSPACE medical kit has been such a big interest for you. What a great prop you were given for Christmas. This doctor dress up outfit is so good we will try and get some for KIDSPACE.
You asked your Mum, "What is wrong with you?", she replied, "I've got a sore finger". You started to gather items that you would need to help your mum from the medical kit. (I couldn't quite see what you got though from a far).

Wouldn't it be nice to get a Doctor or medical professional into KIDSPACE to extend on your interest Joaquin. Perhaps one of the parents would be willing??? (Tamara)

Doggy doggy!!

We had three dogs at KIDSPACE, Eneri, Charlie and Isaac. What great imaginations you had. Charlie provided them with food and a bone each. Can you see Charlie in the photo? Lick, lick goes his tongue as he eats his dog food. The dogs barked and panted away while Issac and Eneri gnawed on their bone. (Tamara)

Monday, 16 March 2009

Blog Survey

Have you returned you blog survey yet? It is really important for us to get as many back as possible. So far we have only got half of them back. You don't have to write heaps - just circle the yes or no .
Tamara and I am going on a 'data analysis' course this Wednesday and we are expected to have the surveys in by then, but we could still include them up until next Monday 23/3. If you would like me to email you a survey form just send an email to kidspacenz@gmail.com and I will send you the form. There are also spare copies on the clip hanging above the Bricks and Bouquets box as you come in the door at KIDSPACE. (Irene)

Profile Books

You may notice that there are not so many new learning stories in your child's profile book at present. While our new teachers and students are settling in and getting to know the children, we feel that it is best to spend the time working with the children rather than in the office. There are lots of new systems to learn plus getting on board with our ICT project which we are committed to seeing through to the end of this year.
Since Meegies and Jude went on parental leave,
we haven't had as many registered teachers, making it difficult to release Monica and Tamara for office time. To help rectify this situation, Kerry will be working two extra afternoons and I will be out with the children most Tuesdays.
The new team is coming together really well with some wonderful activities and interactions happening with the children. If you have any concerns or would like to know more about what your child has been doing at KIDSPACE, please talk to one of the teachers or see me.
The laptop is fixed but we are now waiting for a new power cable. We are hoping to borrow a cable for now so that the blog can be open at KIDSPACE for families to view the blog here if they want to. (Irene)


Chardanae has recently been interested in styling the other children's hair and today was no exception. Straight after morning tea a group of children were engaged in dramatic play. Chardanae was astute enough to recognize an ideal business opportunity and joined them, bringing the tools of the trade, curlers, hair drier and a brush.
Immediately there was a line of waiting clients, however, Jasper managed to head the queue and receive the first hair do.
It was great to have the opportunity to observe the play that was occurring and the sharing of their past experiences of having their haircut. (Monica)

Friday, 13 March 2009

Laker's Photo's

Look at these fabulous photos (untouched!) that Laker took of his friends on the overhead ladder.(Laker and Irene)
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Thursday, 12 March 2009

At the Park

Thursday's at the Park are becoming a regular event. Netana shows us his skill with the bat and ball, Maia throws the frisbee and Amelia and Tyra race down the hill in the trolley (something that is not allowed at KIDSPACE). We checked out the tennis courts, running along the fence line and came back with a bag of acorns.
Last week, Chardanae and her Mum, Jamie, joined us as Thursday is not usually Chardanae's KIDSPACE day. Families are always welcome to join us on any outings regardless of whether it is your child's usual day or not. (Louise)
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Elijah the Painter

Elijah has taken an interest in house building and painting outside. Over the last week he has been building houses with Laker, Eneri and Charlie. Today they decided to paint their house. Elijah was the head painter, with his bucket of blue house paint (dye). It is great to see the team work and turn taking involved. Way to go Elijah! (Sarah). 
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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Learning Revisited

Today we were looking at the blog and Max pointed to himself playing doctors and said, 'I was sick and Sarah make me better'.
Isaac was interested in Donnagh getting across the plank between the two big boxes and asked, 'Is it slippery?'
Tyra looked at Hannah's farewell photo and said sadly, 'That's Hannah, we miss her'
Maia pointed to her photo on the see saw with Isabel and told us that she had seen the photo on the blog at home with her Mum.
The greatest interest was shown in the balancing photos. Tyra remembered holding Donnagh's hand to help him across. We talked about how Tyra could walk backwards, 'You balance with your arms straight out', Tyra informed us. To which Isaac replied, 'No, I didn't do that, I was running (across the plank), I can't do backwards.
We headed outside to set up the balance beam again. Once again Tyra helped the less confident children across, 'like the photo'. Isaac had a try at walking backwards. Maia and Isabel laughed together as they wobbled on each end of the beam. (Irene)

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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Contributing to the centre

Eneri and his friends were playing in the sandpit. They were having Eneri's pretend birthday party. Eneri's mixture for the cake was a bit sloppy so Irene asked what would they need to do with it next. They thought that it needed to be cooked but we didn't have an oven in the sandpit. Irene made a make shift one out of a plastic box and suggested maybe we could get James to make one for KIDSPACE. Five minutes later James came into KIDSPACE and Eneri asked him if he could make an oven. How could James refuse such a request? The next day he brought all the building materials into KIDSPACE so the children could have a part to play in creating the oven. With their tool belts and safety masks on, they all got a turn of helping to put the screws in. Later, they painted the elements, attached the knobs and screwed in some cup hooks along the side to hold the cooking utensils then Irene gave it a couple of coats of polyurethane over the weekend.

The oven has been in constant use every day. I watched as Elijah, Laker and Jasper cooked eggs on the oven, mmm yummy cooked breakfast anyone? (Tamara)

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Finger Painting Fun!

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Doctor, Doctor...

Max and Sarah have been enjoying playing doctors lately.  Today Max played the patient, while Sarah was his doctor.  "Max, you must stay still or this will hurt". "But doctor, I sick, hurts here... you make better?"
Max and Sarah are extending their language skills through talking about feeling sick, being hurt and how the doctor can help them.  They are also learning about their bodies and how they work.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Balancing, turn taking, helping each other (Irene)
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Isaac The Zoo Keeper!

Isaac has really been extending his interest in bugs and animals lately by creating a zoo!  He strategically places the wooden blocks as cages for all his animals and bugs.  Isaac has been enjoying bug hunting at KIDSPACE for the last few weeks, so it is great to see him extending this interest with a zoo... Way to go 'zoo keeper' Isaac!!  

Incredible jumps

Louise was outside and watched as Donnagh took huge leaps off the greens boxes onto the mat. He did this several times. He had a huge smile on his face each time and obviously feeling very proud of himself. What a great experience for Donnagh to be involved in risk taking and taking that next step where he feels he is confident enough to be involved in these jumps. Keep up the fantastic jumps Donnagh.